Service offerings from TechAhead solutions would be based on the following parameters for based on respective situations.

  • Time based consultancy
Time based consultancy would be an offering in situations where the deliverables are not tangible. We would spend time with your team identifying issues around a problem space and finding ways to mitigate them.
  • Task based consultancy
Areas where we can provide task based consultancy are when, we can take away a definite set of requirements and come back with a solution to cater to them. Task based consultancy would have a predefined set of requirements and a tangible deliverable be it a design document, a working prototype or a production tested code set.

  • Result based consultancy
Result based consultancy would be an offering where we would work with your team in areas which would lead to tangible benefits to your organization. The life cycle of the result based consultancy would be longer than a time or task based ones, vis-a-vis, we would be working with your team towards predefined key result areas.